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Kraken Login | Advanced security fortified by insurance

Your potential in cryptocurrency markets without fear on Kraken Login. Advanced security fortified by insurance creates an impenetrable environment for your holdings so you can seize opportunities.
Kraken Login


When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, ensuring your assets are secured through advanced protocols and insurance is essential. Kraken delivers comprehensive protection of user funds through cutting-edge security reinforced with full insurance coverage.

About Kraken

Kraken is one of the most trusted global cryptocurrency exchanges providing services to individual traders and institutions alike. Security is their top priority.

Advanced Security Protections

Kraken leverages institutional-grade security technologies to safeguard user assets:
  • Top-tier encryption secures wallets and account data
  • 95%+ of funds held in air-gapped cold storage
  • Automated security audits detect vulnerabilities
  • Bug bounty programs reward discovery of flaws
  • Secure facilities distribute risk across locations

Full Insurance Coverage

Kraken bolsters its advanced security through comprehensive insurance policies to cover losses from:
  • External attacks like hacking or theft
  • Internal threats such as employee misconduct
  • System failures or technical errors
This full insurance acts as an added protective layer on top of Kraken's security infrastructure.

Trading With Complete Confidence

The combination of cutting-edge security features and full asset insurance allows traders on Kraken to access opportunities in crypto markets with the highest level of confidence.


Kraken enables traders to thrive in crypto securely by providing industry-leading security protocols reinforced with insurance to fully protect user funds.
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